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GB Fleetcare’s maintenance system is unique.

» Its commercial vehicle scheduling and fleet maintenance management is beyond what is available in the marketplace.

» The system is bespoke and is continually being developed by technical and engineering experts.

» It is both a strategic and operational tool, managing current cost against databases of active and historical vehicle/equipment cost.

»The system has allowed GB Fleetcare to manage and change with split fleets and block fleet renewals/marques changes by the multiples.

» GB Fleetcare assists clients in fleet replacement strategies – advising on whole life cost of respective models and marques.

systems are Web Enabled to give customers the freedom to view their vehicle records anywhere in the world through this website.

Control & Scheduling

GB Fleetcare systems are written by technical experts to reflect the cost and control and key safety demands specif to the maintenance and use of heavy vehicles.


GB Fleetcare systems are VMRS based and its service planners are web-enabled allowing customer audit.

System Reports


Vehicle / Masters
- Mileages & verification + spec & links into costings

History Reports
- Parts labour & parts used, job timing, vehicle down time (ultilisation report), 3rd party work automatically updates

Exception Reports
- Exception reports may be run on all the modular reports by contract, vehicle, VRMS code, parts used, cost / budget, vehicle downtime, frequency & damage reports etc.

Scheduling Reports
- Inspections: services, tyre, MOT prep & presentaton & tacho

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